Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Recovery from a Bad Link Building: an SEO Link Building Comma

Since Google released its algorithm updates, in which Google Penguin is the latest, there has been a drastic rank drop of many websites within the world wide web. Due to Google's goal of achieving a better, if not yet the best, bench-marking and of course to its aim of protecting their business, companies have experienced obstacles on how to maintain or elevate their rank on the results generated by the respective search engines. Some of them, due to their desire of becoming globally competitive, have been victims of bad link building, causing a disqualification with respect to Google's webmaster guidelines. Many companies were sent unnatural link messages from Google, demanding them to make some changes in their web site, otherwise they will be penalized or debarred. A number of these are attributable to the widespread mishandling of anchor texts, sidebar links, and misuse of link building strategies. Companies of any sort have been requesting for reconsideration and moderating their link builders.

As a result, tips about trimming down links and doing bad link archaelogy are becoming a controversial issue in most online communities. The gist of those processes is to aim for natural outsource link building techniques so Google will not treat them as a threat to their business and to your different competitors. They also bring with them preventive and remedy measures, that although they will not be an assurance of not being hit by Google's sanctions, they might assist you face less troubles as compared to others. More importantly, you need to be goal-oriented and objectively unbiased. Do not do shortcuts for it would lead you to longer and harder routes. Focus on what you think is right and good, then stray away from the negation of these. Do not let the past unfortunate events get into your way. Else, it will be difficult for you to get up and move on.

Definitely this may demand additional effort, extend longer time, and require more money. But come to think of it, this one is way better than starting from scratch again. All you have to do is tinker stuff that makes your web site unsatisfactory for Google. There are ways to reduce the burden brought by this though. Also, starting the soonest in solving a problem is better than still thinking of other possible ways which will be more convenient to you but may apparently be more tedious than what you could have done instead. You just have to assemble a team which will be the one who will come up with a plan of a research review work, make known to them the agreed objectives and strategies on link removal request and overall clean up, then you are good to go, until you end up finalizing your work and making it ready for Google's reconsideration and recognition procedures.

Perfect strategies would be nothing once not paired with good manner and right conduct. Begin your transactions, particularly in doing reconsideration requests, with good vibes. Never offend Google by your harangues, they do not care about those. What they need is your requirements which they have specified, and the straight to the point affidavit of the things you have done and of the those you see only them can handle.

The question on how much could be recovered has been racing against how one could recover from this case. The aftermaths of recovery perhaps is even more agonizing than during applying remedies to achieve such state. In the event when your penalties have already been discarded and you suffered a low rank as a result, you can only point your finger to yourself. What you probably did in the past might not totally define your future, however it sure can have an effect on it. The strategies you have made during outsource link building before the advent of the algorithm updates can really dictate the state you will be having after all these undertakings will be fulfilled. So if you are still on the part of beginning to establish your own business or website, or simply if you are yet a link builder newbie, then better do some precautionary touchstones that are safe or are in accordance with Google. Besides, you cannot do anything or complain once Google will see your web site malicious, and what is a best or profitable website if Google just wants to take it out from the circulation?